PEER Product

PEER Online is based upon a database of patient outcomes that has been collected by physicians for over 20 years, and physicians have been using this ‘practice based evidence’ data to help provide adjunctive information to guide the treatment of their patients. The practice of utilizing practice based evidence (PBE) to guide treatment has been well documented (Horn, et al., 2007) and utilized by multiple medical disciplines where solid evidence based guidelines were unavailable or inadequate, i.e. pediatric oncology. It is not surprising that physicians have taken the initiative to develop PBE databases to support the treatment of their patients.

The database initially developed by Suffin and Emory now contains data on over 11,000 patients with over 40,000 clinical endpoints, representing known patient responses to over 30 commonly used psychotropic medications. The database continues to grow as PEER physicians add patient outcomes to treatment medications that are correlated to a patient’s QEEG. As more medication outcomes are added to the database by practicing physicians, PEER Online will be able to provide even more predictive information to assist physicians in treating their patients with non-psychotic behavioral disorders.