Reduce the Trial and Error:

Here’s How It Works

Step 1:
Connect with MYnd Analytics to Order a PEER

Healthcare providers (HCPs): Click here to order a test. You’ll need to review your patient’s clinical history and discuss the benefits of the PEER test with your patient.

Patients: Ask your healthcare provider to order a PEER test.  Your healthcare provider will review your clinical history and help you determine if PEER is right for you. Your healthcare provider will then help you prepare for the EEG (electroencephalogram), a test that characterizes your unique brainwaves.

Step 2:
Individualized Data is Collected

A simple and painless EEG is performed on site at either a MYnd Analytics Center or a HCP-trained center, and usually takes 30 – 45 minutes to perform. The EEG records personalized electrical brain activity, much like an EKG (electrocardiogram) records heart activity.

Step 3:
Compare Results

After the EEG has been completed, the patient’s results are compared to a large database of other individuals with similar brain patterns. Our solution quickly identifies which medications worked best (or didn’t work at all) for people with similar brainwaves.

Step 4:
Choose the Right Medication

We generate a personalized PEER Report that can be reviewed and discussed by the healthcare provider and patient to help select the medications most likely to achieve a positive outcome.

PEER Report®:
Founded in Science

Our PEER Report was developed by physicians to provide objective information about medication response for similar patients. It combines a “crowdsourced” secure physician outcome registry with EEG, a well-accepted test of brain function.

Over 100 peer-reviewed publications of quantitative EEG neurometrics are now available on ( with over 40,000 clinical endpoints currently in the registry.

PEER Online Database:
11,000+ Patients and Counting

Today our exclusive database includes more than 11,000 patient EEGs, along with patient outcomes, to build our robust PEER Online database. As a cloud-based outcome registry, PEER Online provides the same kind of vital exchange of information between medical professionals’ treatment patients with mental health issues.

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