Taking Mental Health Medication?

Put the odds of success in your favor with a PEER Report.

If you suffer from a mental health condition, you’re not alone. And there’s hope in sight.

Our bodies (and brains) are unique.

Let’s face it: Healthcare providers do their best to prescribe medications that will deliver effective results for their patients. Yet every individual body and brain is different. That’s why many patients end up trying multiple mental health medications before they find the right “fit”—often suffering unpleasant side effects along the way. This frustrating journey only delays treatment and relief—and many patients lose hope.

What medication is best for you? Your brain has the answers. We encourage you to work with a PEER-trained healthcare provider, who can evaluate your individual brain waves when making a medication choice.

A breakthrough solution: No more guessing.

Our patented technology and PEER Report helps your healthcare provider select and prescribe the mental health medication your brain is most likely to respond to—simply by matching the right therapy to your individual brain patterns. Instead of making an educated guess—or relying on trial and error—your provider will have better objective information to help guide the decision.

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